Construction Law

At NCA, we represent developers, homeowners and commercial real estate owners in construction disputes against contractors, architects, engineers and other parties. Our lawyers bring extensive experience to construction law matters. We take pride in helping our clients obtain compensation to cover repair or replacement costs and other damages. Marin Construction Law is on of our main focus areas.

Construction Defects

Defective construction is at the center of many of the construction disputes that our attorneys handle. These cases may involve defective doors or windows that leak, problems with building envelopes, siding, stucco or defective foundations that can result in cracks or other problems. They may involve jobs that have been left unfinished or poorly done. Whatever the case may be, our attorneys can help.

One of the first challenges in construction defect cases is to identify the responsible parties. Lawsuits may target the general contractor or the subcontractors. They may also target the architect or an engineer when alleged defects are the result of inadequate plans, or a materials supplier when alleged defects result from defective building supplies. Our experience means we can quickly identify the responsible parties and see that they are held accountable.

Construction Delay And Construction Contract Disputes

In addition to construction defects, construction cases may also involve projects that have not been finished on time, are abandoned before completion, contractual disputes between the owners and construction professionals, or contract disputes between the construction professionals themselves. While we have a positive record of success resolving these matters through negotiation, we always prepare for trial. We are trial attorneys, and we understand that our opponents are not always willing to work amicably toward a resolution. In appropriate cases, we will fight for our clients in the courtroom.

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