Intellectual Property Litigation

At NCA, we recognize the value of intellectual property (IP). Our lawyers bring extensive experience to IP disputes. When our clients’ endeavors are threatened because a competitor infringes on or steals valuable intellectual property, we take decisive action. We seek resolutions through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution as appropriate, but we also know the importance of trial preparation. We are trial lawyers, ready to go to court in order to pursue the best possible outcome in intellectual property litigation.

Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Dress And Trade Secrets

Copyrights protect creative works. Patents protect inventions. Trademarks include logos and designs that set a business or product apart. Trade dress includes other aspects of the look and feel of a business or product. Trade secrets can be any proprietary and advantageous information such as formulas, manufacturing processes and even customer lists.

Our business law attorneys understand the different varieties of intellectual property. We know the relevant laws, and the varying strategies that may be used to protect IP. Whether our client’s IP has been misappropriated, or our client has been accused of stealing a competitor’s IP, we have the savvy to pursue the desired results.

Technology And Intellectual Property

We thrive in the Bay Area’s dynamic technology community, where innovations are being made every day. We have represented early stage companies and inventors of app design, green technologies, biotech and online computing. Our understanding of these technologies and our ability to quickly learn about our client’s technology and business needs often proves critical to designing a legal strategy to protect the client’s interests in IP disputes. Our clients can be confident that we know or will learn the technology, we understand their needs, we understand the law, and we know how to get results.

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