Contract Disputes

A strong contract that is honored by both sides can provide expected benefits for both sides. A contract that is breached, either because one side failed to fulfill its obligations or because the language of the contract was unclear, can prove costly to all involved.

At NCA, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to resolve breach of contract claims big or small. We assist plaintiffs in seeking compensation for damages incurred as the result of another party’s failure to fulfill the terms of the contract. We also defend individuals and businesses accused of a breach of contract.

Breach Of Contract

Contract disputes often stem from the breach of a purchase contract or service contract. The party required to deliver the goods or services may have completely failed to deliver, may have delivered outside of the required time frame, or may have delivered defective goods or substandard services. Similarly, the other party may have failed to adhere to payment schedules for the goods or services. These are particular examples, as there are an endless variety of contracts and myriad ways in which they may be breached. Our lawyers are well-versed in interpreting contracts and pursuing positive resolutions in even the most complex cases.

Resolving Contract Litigation Through Trial And Negotiation

Our goal in contract disputes and in all business law matters is to achieve the desired outcome in the most efficient manner possible. To that end, we employ not only sophisticated strategies, but also practical solutions. With extensive experience, we prepare cases for trial, knowing that aggressive courtroom representation may be necessary to resolve the matter. However, whenever appropriate, we pursue negotiation or forms of alternative dispute resolution to provide a good outcome for the client within a shorter time and at less cost than trial.

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