Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial lease disputes tend to be complex. Commercial leases are often intricate and contain terms that will play an important role in the outcome of the dispute. Furthermore, the applicable laws in California are unique, making it even more important for commercial property owners and commercial tenants to enlist an experienced attorney in these cases.

Preserving Mutually Beneficial Relationships

At NCA, we pride ourselves on employing sophisticated strategies to reach practical solutions. We recognize that the relationship between commercial landlord and tenant may be mutually beneficial, and should be preserved if at all possible. To that end, we often use negotiation and alternative dispute resolution techniques as a first step before moving forward with more aggressive means. However, we are trial lawyers, and we will go to court to protect our client’s interests.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Commercial landlord-tenant disputes can arise over many issues. Business owners renting commercial space may have concerns over common area use or expenses involving parking spaces, elevator access or the use of storage facilities. Commercial building owners may require renters to follow guidelines regarding signage and advertising, maintenance, repairs and improvements and more. There may be accessibility problems with the property, ADA claims, or a dispute over the extent or use of tenant improvements.

Breach of commercial lease disputes may also involve default or nonpayment of rent, nuisance claims, property damage, sublease issues, and holdover tenant issues, that may end in a negotiated resolution or in an unlawful detainer action for eviction. Regardless of the nature or complexity of the commercial lease dispute, our lawyers are prepared to represent either side in pursuit of a positive outcome.

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