Bay Area Nondisclosure Disputes

Buyers of real estate have the right to expect that the property purchased will be free from undisclosed problems or defects. When an undisclosed defect is discovered, the buyer can take legal action against the seller, the agent or both for failure to disclose.

At NCA, our attorneys are experienced in getting buyers just compensation to cover the costs of repair or replacement, as well as any additional damages related to the nondisclosure. We also defend sellers and agents against allegations of not disclosing a known building defect.

Undisclosed Defects In Homes And Commercial Buildings

Undisclosed problems or defective conditions with a property can range in severity. They can include mold issues, roof leaks, window and door leaks, cracked foundation, soil problems, electrical issues, kitchen and bathroom fixture defects, flooding problems, other construction defects and more. If you have purchased residential or commercial real estate and discovered one of these or any similar defects, our lawyers will help you recover the money you need to remedy the problem. If you have been accused of not disclosing a known defect in a real estate sale, we can defend you.

Success In Nondisclosure Disputes

With extensive experience, our attorneys have achieved an impressive record of success handling nondisclosure claims, real estate fraud and misrepresentation claims. When necessary, we work with construction experts and other specialists to demonstrate whether there was or was not a known defect. Whether through negotiation or trial, we will take the steps required to obtain a fair outcome.

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